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24 June 2016 in Armenia all events Bussiness missions of Omsk Region

​The results of the business mission to Armenian Republic – Tsakhkadzor and Yerevan cities.

On June 03 to 08, 2016 Omsk region entrepreneurship representatives took part in the business mission to Armenian Republic – Tsakhkadzor and Yerevan cities. 

Omsk Region Export Support Center (hereinafter – the Center) legally existing as a branch of the JSC «Agency for development and investment activity of the Omsk region» (hereinafter – the Agency) acted as the organizer of the business mission which has become the third in a row and gathered Omsk small and medium sized entrepreneurs as the participants. Business schedule of the trip alleged involvement of the Omsk region delegates in the annual economic forum under the Eurasian Economic Union (hereinafter - EEU) aegis: Armenia-cooperation (hereinafter – the Forum). The Forum attracted representatives of small and medium sized business support infrastructures from different regions of Russian Federation (Kurgan region, the Republic of Saha, Moscow city, etc.) and the EEU members – Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kirgizia.

Omsk official delegation consisted of 7 companies that are defined as small and medium sized entrepreneurs:
«Armig», LLC – is the Russian company specialized in production of the welding equipment and materials.

 «STC «Micronix», LLC - Russian developer of the automation systems for water and heat supply facilities, including those for the boiler room and its installations.  

- Russian company that is involved in the development and manufacturing of the novelty devices and modern technologies for the companies in the field of railway transport as from Russia so from close and far abroad. 

«Platina», LLC – Russian company engaged in lumber and timber production and its supplying 


«SMP-Energo», LLC – Russian company specialized in construction and repair works of the objects of track facilities. Manufactures metal constructions of complexity. 


«TH «Center-Oil», LLC – Russian company active in the field of manufacturing and supplying high quality lubricants and coolants of various technical proposes.  


«Electrical Engineering and Automation», LLC – Russian company specialized in manufacturing and supplies of the security and anti-fire systems, emergency lightning, LED lamps and access control systems.


The Forum business program had a very saturated content which consisted of performances of the experts from different professional politic and business areas of interests. In this way the representatives of the Omsk region business community participated in round tables sessions dedicated to such sections like: FAQ on development of the common economic territory within the borders of the EEU, customs documentation procedures while goods are moved within the territory of the EEU.  Individual meetings were held afterwards with involvement of business representatives from both Russia and Armenia.

As results of the business mission each of the companies have managed to succeed in its own way and promote their company’s services and products, and to gain interesting acquaintances with the Armenian businessmen who were looking forward to establish mutual partnership. 

Armig’s goods are very required on the Armenian market because the existing nomenclature of similiar products (welding equipment and materials) is very poor in Armenia and is suffering the influence of the monopoly established by Turkish suppliers. This makes local companies interested in replacing Turkish suppliers and finding the alternatives. Head of the company Mr. Oleg TSAPALOV managed to perform effective promotion of company’s products relying on the fact that the goods had been approved by Russian regions entrepreneurs and near and far abroad businessmen. During the negotiations with the Armenian entrepreneurs Mr. TSAPALOV discovered that there is a firm intention in the Armenian market to find substitution for the Turkish suppliers which is also supported by the political subtext. That fact makes «Armig», LLC very attractive and appropriate in the competition comparing to the current market providers. 

Director of the «Electrical Engineering and Automation», LLC Mr. Alexander RYLOV also succeeded  in finding potential partners in Yerevan as soon as the goods he promoted are well known under the «Luch» and «Mayak» TMs and those had already been brought to Armenian market by the dealership of the Omsk region manufacturer. Thereby Armenian businessmen are more interested to cooperate with the factory that has proven track record directly avoiding the mediators and to create long-lasting fruitful cooperation. Mr. RYLOV received preliminary order to calculate all the fees and necessary payments to complete the trial supply.

«SRI TCD», OJSC had an individual meeting with the top-management of the CJSC «South-Caucasian rail ways». It is important to say that Omsk Company has already collaborated with the Armenian subdivision of the OJSC «Russian rail ways» within that experience «SRI TCD», OJSC had supplied its goods. Director of the Russian company Mr. Alexander SEMENOV discussed the possibility of arranging a new contract for maintenance services regarding the units and equipment that had been delivered before. Above this Omsk Company has the reputation of a reliable coworker and highly estimated business partner that helps gaining all the appropriate preferences for the successful competitiveness with other subcontractors regarding the project for building of the Iran-Armenia railway route. Needless to say that building of that Route is the key factor in the strategy of the transport infrastructure development of the Republic of Armenia. The project will be brought under the consideration of the special committee that is permanently active as a branch of the EEU. All the necessary measures have been taken and now the Company has to keep business communication with the Armenian side. On the other hand Armenian partners showed their readiness to cooperate for all the needed aspects.

Omsk company «Platina», LLC attracted a lot of interest of the Armenian business community and particularly of construction, furniture making, door production and material selling segments. Products presented by the director of the Company Mr. Artem DURCHENKO are no doubt very competitive comparing to the same goods that are imported into Armenian market. The reason for that kind of confident statement is the fact that Omsk region has such a unique wood like cedar and larch. Those kinds of trees are not distributed within the European part of Russia and they have excellent exploitation qualities. Mr. DURCHENKO now needs some extra time to have a more detailed look on the logistics so he can be more specific in his offer for the Armenian colleagues. 

Lubricants and coolants under production of the «TH «Center-Oil», LLC are widely spread and used at the Armenian transport enterprises and manufacturing facilities and particularly on the CJSC «Yerevan Metropolitan named after K. Demirchyan», CJSC «Elektrotransport», and «South-Caucasian railway» CJSC. All the mentioned companies actively use alike products in their activity but they were ready to consider an optional offer if it would be with more competitive prices. Company’s director Mr. Sergey PARKHOMENKO received preliminary application for calculation.

Director of the «SMP-Energo», LLC Mr. Sergey DEMENEV made a few interesting commercial suggestions to Armenian road and transport companies regarding the production of the prefabricated metal structures on the individual drawings, train lighting devices and maintenance of electric systems. It was obvious that Armenian partners were very excited with the ideas of the director of the Omsk region company Mr. DEMENEV whose solutions and experience were warmly welcomed, that is why Mr. DEMENEV got preliminary application for the consideration of further partnership relying on the best prices.  

Director of the «STC «Micronix», LLC Mr. Alexey FILIMONOV took part in several business meetings with the Armenian factories and manufacturing facilities owners who paid significant interest for the equipment and devices offered by Mr. FILIMONOV especially those that are dedicated for the development of the energy consumption processes and automation of the existing equipment. Sensors and software solutions earned a very special approach from the huge Armenian assembly company. As the result preliminary request was addressed to the «STC «Micronix», LLC.

There are no doubts that products and services of the Omsk region companies have a great potential that is definitely should be worked over all the obtained contacts prove this. It is vital important to keep in touch with the Armenian business representatives to reach any result in the nearest future. Omsk region delegates were offered to establish trade representation of their services and goods for the effective distribution and permanent presence on the Armenian market. That kind of representation was given to each of the delegates by the well-known Armenian trading company «TH «Evencenter», LLC.