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5-8 September 2016 in Kazakhstan all events Bussiness missions of Omsk Region

Results of participation of Omsk region SME in International building exhibition «Kazbuild 2016», Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan.

Another international exhibition was attended by the Omsk region entrepreneurship.

Supported by the Omsk region Export support center, acting on the basis of the JSC «Agency of development and investment of the Omsk region» (hereinafter referred to as the Center) Omsk region’s SME took part in the annual International building exhibition «Kazbuild 2016», Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan on September 5-8, 2016. The exhibition is one of mostly attended events among those that are related to building industry in the Asian region. It includes following subsections:

- Aquatherm (sanitary engineering),
- Windows and accessories,
- Construction materials and technologies,
- Modern types of exterior and interior etc.
Representative of many different countries not only from CIS but from Europe and Asian regions became participants of the «Kazbuild». This year the Exhibition has been attended by the US, Italian, UAE, Iranian, Chinese, Austrian, Finnish entrepreneurs and others. Strong side of the Kazakhstan's exhibition is a very high level of business activity it is a real area for productive negotiations and conclusion of cooperation agreements. 
This year Omsk region has been represented by 7 enterprises involved in building activity:

LLC «Polyformika»
- manufacture of plastic products, thermal vacuum molding sheet polymers

LLC «RaGiSS» - production of automatic gates, cooling and heat-curtains, swing doors, fittings for doors, fire gates, door curtains. Execution of maintenance of automatic doors and gates.

LLC «Generatsya»
- production of quartz stone: kitchen countertops, mosaic, railings and handrails, windowsills, marble agglomerate, Acrylic Stone.

LLС «Large House of wood» - manufacture of products for the bath, shelves, lumber, timber, decor items, block-house, imitation lumber, paneling, carved staircases.

 LLC «TH «Technogroup»
- production and wholesale trade in building materials: aluminum rolling, ventilation systems, geomaterials, spare parts for tools, insulation materials, stone, bricks, blocks, fasteners,  roofing materials.

 LLC «Technotent» production of canvas canopies, curtains for car washes, canvas curtains, automobile awnings, canopies and PVC - shelters, tents welder.

LLC «TH «Promsmazki» - company specialized in the supply of industrial liquids of different types and purposes. Industrial oils, lubricants for metalworking, foundry binders, etc.

The company "Poliformika" showcased decorative solutions for the decoration of exteriors for both private housing and public spaces (parks, sidewalks and so forth.). Plinths samples were also submitted for public lighting poles and address pointers to Omsk that the company has issued a patent in 2015. The company's products are in great demand with the design and landscaping of streets. That is why the interest of potential partners in Kazakhstan arose primarily in designers, road services and the organizers of the gardens and cottages. With a number of Kazakh companies were outlined prospects for cooperation, to develop a dialogue on the conclusion of a contract to supply test samples of products the company intends to Omsk after the formation of commercial offers on the basis of these preliminary applications.
The company "RaGiSS" found its audience among the owners and managers of manufacturing plants, car washes, warehouses and large retail stores. An important competitive advantage of Omsk was the fact that high-quality German accessories used in the manufacture of doors.
Company "Generation" due to its successful experience working with interior designers in Russia formed an attractive portfolio of offers for Kazakhstan's business, interior design solutions made of granite and quartz agglomerate from Omsk Company attracted interest from visitors and professional designers. Director of "Generation" received a number of bids for the supply of a test batch of products. Omsk company will prepare commercial offers.
Products of the company "Large House of wood" enjoyed considerable interest on the part of the representatives of Kazakhstan's business, as well as other foreign companies participating in the exhibition. Omsk company managed to conclude a number of export contracts for continuous supply of moldings and patchwork and wax of own production. Among the company's partners were not only Kazakhstani enterprises, but also representatives of large trading companies of the Kyrgyz Republic. In addition a number of proposals received in Kazakhstan has real prospects to transform into additional export contracts.
"TH" Technogroup " as the official representative of well-known brands of building materials (production plants and Tizol Penoplex and PVC membrane Plastfoil) positioned itself also as a manufacturer of its own products - thermal insulation, roofing and other materials. The representative of the Omsk company managed to find potential buyers in Kazakhstan and Turkey, with established contacts, negotiations on the harmonization of conditions for future deliveries were initiated.
Production of the "Tehnotent" company was competitive in the segment of manufacturing of frame tent structures on individual orders, as that niche has been very poorly filled in Kazakhstan. As part of the supply of PVC curtains and awnings Kazakhstan consumer preference are for direct supplies from China and South Korea, Omsk company also has found itself able to offer a related product accessories of own production (eyelets, hooks, hooks, etc.). During participation in the exhibition representative of the Omsk company managed to establish contact with potential customers of its products, the prospects will be worked out in the subsequent communication.

LLC "TH" Promsmazki" is already well-known to the Kazakhstani consumer Omsk enterprise is a successful at many large industrial enterprises of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The company held meetings with a number of trade organizations of Kazakhstan, during which they discussed the possibility of creating a dealership. Possible cooperation prospects are under discussion.
Summing up the last exhibition, one can argue about the high competitiveness and attractiveness of the Omsk products on the market of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Establishing partnerships with Kazakh businessmen will contribute to the opening of representative offices of Omsk companies in Almaty, which is important for regular shipments of production, considering the logistics.