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2-6 April 2017 in Azerbaijan

The results of the business mission in Azerbaijan, Baku

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On April 02 to 06, 2016 Omsk region export support center took part in the business mission to Azerbaijan, Baku.

There were six representatives of small and medium-sized businesses from the Omsk region in delegation:

ООО "Biomedservis" the company specializes in retail and wholesale sales of medicines for the treatment of patients with immunodeficiency conditions, chronic viral infections, dysbiosis.

ООО "Vneshtorgresurs" - the official dealer and export supplier of factories-manufacturers of chemical and petrochemical products.

ООО "Alfa Oil Servis" -   
is engaged in increasing the productivity of producing wells and increasing the injectivity of wells to maintain reservoir pressure.

ООО "Zernovye Linii" - engaged in the manufacture, purchase, sale and export of agricultural products of cereals and oilseeds groups.

ООО "ServisMontazhIntegraciya – Omskengaged in production of technical solutions for the distribution of electricity and automation of enterprises.

ООО "KROSS-avtomatika " works in the field of industrial automation of technological processes and communications in the chemical, petrochemical, food, energy, oil and other industries.
The Fund of Azerbaijan Export and Investment Promotion became a partner of the business contacts exchange. The AzPromo Fund plays a key role in public-private dialogue, being a bridge between investors, local producers and the Government.
About 50 representatives of Azerbaijani companies engaged in various branches of engineering, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, power supply, industrial automation and communications were registered at the contact exchange.
Within the framework of business events, Omsk businessmen held a series of negotiations and meetings. Thus, Biomedservice, which specializes in retail and wholesale of medicines, has hosted more than five business meetings with representatives of pharmacy chains and importers of medicines in Azerbaijan.
The company "Zernovye Linii" managed to hold negotiations with the representative of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Azerbaijan. These negotiations are a very important aspect for further business meetings and negotiations of the company, since it is the Ministry that controls all purchases of grain crops. During the first day of the business mission, the director of the company held several more individual meetings.
The companies «Alfa Oil Service», «Cross-automatic», «ServisMontazhIntegraciya – Omsk»  and  «Vneshtorgresurs» managed to visit the largest state oil company of the Azerbaijan Republic «SOCAR» and meet with its representatives. A meeting with the drilling department was held, where Omsk businessmen were explained that our production department was interested in our potential.
The director of the company Vneshtorgresurs held a business meeting at the office of the international transport company Instar Logistic. During the negotiations, agreements were reached on the delivery of goods and promotion of the Vneshtorgresource product range among transport company customers who need products from the petrochemical sector.
"The delegation from Omsk was satisfied with the business trip and intends to expand the geography of its markets. In this Omsk businessmen will be assisted by specialists of our Center ", - said the head of the regional Export Support Center Ekaterina Efremova.