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16-22 April 2017 in all events Bussiness missions of Omsk Region

Food producers from Omsk region took part in international exhibition AIFE in China

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6 producers from Omsk region presented ice-cream, confectioneries, snacks and macaroni at the exhibition and held business negotiations with Chinese companies.

The exhibition was held in the city of Beijing of the People's Republic of China and gathered more than 1000 exhibitors from 30 countries.

The organization of the business trip was undertaken by the Omsk Regional Export Support Center, which operates on the basis of the Regional Development and Investment Agency. Among the Omsk producers, included in the delegation, enterprises engaged in the production of confectionery, ice cream, condensed milk, macaroni and snacks.

As a result of the exhibition, LLC "Sladunitsa" noted several contacts that may prove promising. The conditions of cooperation will be worked out with these companies. In the price plan Omsk producer has the opportunity to compete with the offers of other companies represented in the Chinese market. Omsk sweets are not inferior to competitors and in quality. The assortment that will be promoted in China is candy with a large share of chocolate, nuts and praline mass.

Frik A.A. At the exhibition received several promising contacts, discussed the terms of delivery of pasta. A number of Chinese companies are interested in the children's line, as well as in the exclusive for the Chinese market of meter pasta. Interest in metronome macaroni lies in the cultural characteristics of China: long noodles - a sign of longevity. Omsk macaroni producer highly estimates the prospects of entering the Chinese market and plans cooperation with distributors from Beijing and northern China.

As a result of participation in the exhibition, Sibsnake LLC decided to finalize and adapt the flavors of chips for the Chinese market. Also, potential consumers requested an increase in the shelf life of the goods and the cost of delivery to various cities in China. The contacts received during the exhibition will be worked out for cooperation.

Omsk ice cream from LLC "Trade House" Siberian Cold "enjoyed increased interest from visitors. The reasonable price and natural composition of the products will allow the Omsk company to compete successfully with imported ice cream.

OOO TD Sibirskiy found demand for both dry milk and condensed milk, however, it faced a restriction related to the ban on the import of animal products from Russia. This issue is under discussion by the authorized agencies of both countries.

Nevertheless, at the exhibition, LLC "TD" Sibirskiy "also had contact with a South Korean company that is interested in supplying condensed milk. Opportunities for cooperation will be worked out.

LLC "TPK" Sladonezh "conducted productive negotiations at the exhibition with Chinese distribution companies and plans export shipments of confectionery products in the coming months.

The employees of the Export Support Center will regularly monitor the results achieved, as well as provide information and consulting support to participating companies.