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21 March 2017 in Kazakhstan Bussiness missions of Omsk Region all events

Results of the business mission to the Republic of Kazakhstan, Pavlodar

In the period from March 15 to March 17, 2017, with the assistance of Omsk Regional Export Support Center and the Ministry of Economy of the Omsk Region, a business mission of representatives of business circles of the Omsk Region, employed in various sectors, to the Republic of Kazakhstan, Pavlodar, was organized.

The purpose of participation in the business mission was to establish business contacts with business representatives of Kazakhstan and further develop and study the contacts received for concluding export deliveries, framework agreements on cooperation.

As the executor responsible for the implementation of the project in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Pavlodar region spoke.

The delegation of the Omsk region included 8 SMEs engaged in various sectors:

Agrofirma Tavrida, LLC is a Russian company engaged in wholesale trade in machinery, equipment and tools for agriculture, as well as growing and selling agricultural products (chick pea, wheat, sunflower).

Pobochino, LLC is a Russian company engaged in the cultivation and sale of grain and oilseeds.

Omsk Polyethylene Membrane Plant, LLC is an Omsk company engaged in the production of polyethylene film, polyethylene bags, bags.

Aqua-Omsk, LLC is a Russian company specializing in the production of non-alcoholic beverages, mineral waters and other drinking waters in bottles.

Spectra, LLC is a company engaged in the production of frozen semi-finished products from fish and seafood.

Everest, LLC is a Russian company that produces and sells windows, doors, stained-glass windows from PVC and aluminum.

Special Technologies, LLC is a Russian company engaged in the production of building structures and other metal products; The development of projects of industrial processes and industries related to electrical engineering, electronic engineering, mining, chemical technology, engineering, and others.

Individual entrepreneur Tyublyubaev Amanzhol - is engaged in the cultivation and sale of grain crops (wheat, barley, flax), as well as cargo transportation.

Within the framework of the business mission, an official meeting of the heads of two regions was held: the governor of the Omsk region Viktor Nazarov and the akim of the Pavlodar region Bulat Bakauov.

For representatives of the delegation of the Omsk region, the business mission proved to be productive from the point of view of positioning the brand and establishing business contacts with the Kazakh business. The results of the negotiations showed that the potential of the Omsk producer is very high in the market of Kazakhstan due to its high quality and profitable logistics scheme. These factors allow the Omsk producer to compete not only with Kazakhstani businessmen, but also with those from different regions of Russia and the near abroad.

Most of the companies from Omsk delegation did not have experience working with the Kazakh market. However, business communication in the process of a business mission with potential partners helped to establish primary contacts for the further development of cooperation.

Representatives of Spekra, LLC commercial director Nina Mazur and development director Vadim Mazur had successful negotiations with a representative of Rybny Mir, LLP: the company plans to purchase raw materials (frozen fish and seafood) in Pavlodar and delivery of already packed semi-finished products from this raw material for sale in Kazakhstan Market through the network of the Pavlodar company. A great interest of the counterpart from Kazakhstan is expressed. Upon arrival in Omsk, Nina Ivanovna and Vadim Anatolievich continue negotiations with the counterparty, which can subsequently lead to long-term fruitful cooperation.

Individual entrepreneur Tyulubaev Amanzhol sees a great perspective in the Kazakhstan market regarding the use of partners from Pavlodar to distribute their products. There is also a mutual interest in cooperation in the field of transport services for the transport of goods.

Everest, LLC has perspectives in the implementation of PVC windows for glazing of residential five-storey buildings under the Portal-PV, LLP. The director of Everest, LLC Andrei Boldyr sent a commercial offer to the counterpart. In May 2017, when the construction of facilities in Pavlodar will be completed, the parties will resume the dialogue to clarify the terms of cooperation.