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29 May-1 June 2018 in Azerbaijan Bussiness missions of Omsk Region

The results of participating at the Caspian Oil&Gas Azerbaijan Exhibition

In the period from May 29 to June 1, 2018, the Center for Export Support organized the participation of small and medium-sized businesses (hereinafter - SMEs) of the Omsk Region, engaged in the oil and gas sector, in the international exhibition Caspian Oil and Gas (hereinafter - the Exhibition); held in the Republic of Azerbaijan, Baku.

The Omsk delegation included 6 SMEs:
1. Vneshtorgresurs LLC specializes in the trade of chemical and petrochemical products: industrial oils and lubricants, potassium chloride, ion exchange resins, and other chemicals.
2. KSK-Service LLC - produces valves for piston compressors and spare parts for valves.
3. Cross-automatics LLC - renders engineering services in the field of industrial automation and communication, and also maintenance of industrial and extracting objects.
4. Factory of ring blanks LLC - specializes in the production of pipeline and shut-off valves, flanges and blanks, flange components, casings, gaskets.
5. Policon JSC - is engaged in the production of equipment for various industries. For the oil and gas sector at the exhibition, the company introduced an automated transport line for automatic pipe transfer.
6. ETP-Trading LLC - produces measuring analog and digital instruments, mine technology, including gas analysis and safety devices, LED lights for industrial and street lighting.
Omsk enterprises got acquainted and established contacts with potential partners, and also managed to discuss the perspectives and problems faced by Russian enterprises in working with partners from the Republic of Azerbaijan in a live dialogue mode.

For the representative of Vneshtorgresurs LLC participation in the Exhibition is the second visit to the Republic of Azerbaijan. Earlier, the company participated in a business mission organized by the Center in 2017. This time it was possible not only to acquire new contacts, but also to support those acquired earlier. Chemical products of the company were popular among visitors of the exhibition during all 4 days.

Representatives of LLC "Zavod zakonovykh zagotovok" demonstrated a high level of professionalism in negotiations with target partners, as well as when presenting their products. Flanges, pipe fittings and components were in demand among representatives of companies in the extractive industry, as well as among manufacturers of industrial equipment.

The products of the company "ETP-Trading" caused a high demand among visitors and participants of the Exhibition. Target partners from the oil and gas sector assessed the technical characteristics of explosion-proof lamps and became interested in importing them to the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan. It is worth noting the negotiations with the company "SOCAR", representatives of which proposed to consider the possibility of participation of the Omsk company in tenders within the framework of complex purchases.

Representative of JSC "Policon" held negotiations with representatives of Azerbaijani enterprises, interested industrial equipment of Omsk production. The products of the company "Polikon" are not inferior to the qualitative characteristics of European equipment, but its cost is lower. The commercial director of Policon, Denis Cheremnykh, will send to potential counterparties information with detailed technical characteristics for further elaboration of options for cooperation.

At LLC "KSK-Service" the company's products - spring-free valves for reciprocating compressors - were clearly shown on the stand. Thanks to this, the interested representatives of the Azerbaijani business could see the principle of the valve operation. The products of the Omsk enterprise are of high quality, therefore its price is quite high, however, in the Republic of Azerbaijan there is a demand for such goods.

Representatives of Cross-Automation LLC held more than 20 negotiations within the framework of the Exhibition. Visitors and exhibitors were interested in the non-standard approach and flexibility in the development of software for the automation of oil-producing enterprises. Also worth noting are the negotiations with the Azerbaijani company AM Smart Group, which plans to implement an unusual project to build an air quality monitoring system in Baku with the use of engineering designs of the Omsk SME.

In general, the exhibition was held with a large number of visitors, Omsk enterprises successfully held business negotiations with companies from different countries. The contacts received make it possible to expand the market for Omsk products in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

For its part, the Center is ready to assist companies in developing and examining export contracts, translating commercial proposals into foreign languages, checking foreign counterparts. The specialists of the Center plan to monitor the activities of companies in the market of the Republic of Azerbaijan after participating in the Exhibition, as well as provide support for negotiating and concluding export contracts for supply.