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    21 July 2015 in Armenia

    The results of the business mission to Armenia, June 25 - July 2 2015
    Between 25th of June and 2d of July 2015, by the Omsk regional fund of support and development of small business mission of business circles of the Omsk region in the Republic of Armenia was implemented.
    The aim of the business mission was to establish business relations between SMEs of Omsk region and business entities of the Republic of Armenia to expend exports from the Omsk region

    9 June 2015 in Kazakhstan

    7 export oriented small and medium enterprises of the Omsk region, engaged in production and sales of food products and printing services took part at the annual event in Kazakhstan. The leading Exhibition related to food industry  "InterFood" Astana 2015 took place on May 26 up to 31 of 2015

    18 May 2015 in Georgia

    In the period from "11" to "15" in May 2015 the Omsk region Export Support Center, acting on the basis of the Omsk regional fund of support and development of small business, was implemented business mission of  the Omsk region to Georgia.

    3-8 November 2014 in Kazakhstan

    Omsk Region Export Support Center on the basis of the Omsk Regional Fund for Small Business Support and Development conduct the business mission of the Omsk region in the Republic of Kazakhstan and participation in the international exhibition «WorldFood Kazakhstan 2014»  in Almaty from 3 to 8 November  2014.

    21-25 October 2014 in Armenia

    From 21 to 25 October 2014 the Omsk Region Export Support Center, operating on the basis of the Omsk regional fund for support and development of small businesses, with the support of the Ministry of Economy of the Omsk region implemented the business mission for Omsk companies to the Republic of Armenia.

    5-10 October 2014 in Iran

    Omsk company will carry out works on increasing of oil well inflow in Iran. This is the result of the business mission of Omsk enterprises to the Islamic Republic of Iran headed by the Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Omsk Region, Minister of Economy of the Omsk region ALEXANDER TRETYAKOV

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