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Company   Industries   products for export
1.  • Instrument making and Electronics • Locksmithing furniture
• Electroinstallation closets
2.  •
3.  • Project creating • Automated dispatch management system (ADMS)Automated dispatch management system (ADMS)
• Automated system of commercial accounting of retail market (AMCARM)
• Automated system of permanent audit (ASPA)
4.  • Food industry
• Mushrooms, berries, nuts, wild plants
• Beer and non-alcohol beverages
• Wild plants and products of the Russian forest
• Honey
• Milk products
• Animal husbandry products
• Seed oil
• Flour
5.  • Other activities • Granulated fodder for farm animals
6.  • Metal processing and metal products • Production of entrance and interior doors
7.  • Information Technologies • Development and maintenance of web sites
• Development of unique software solutions without limiting the scope of activities
8.  • Food industry • Semi-finished products made of fish and frozen seafood.
9.  • Industrial equipment, components • Electrical heating control shield
• ACS (automatic control station)
• Automatic process control system
• Distributing power unit of mid. voltage
• Reactive power compensation devices
• Main power distribution panels
• Operational current control cabinets
• Low-voltage devices
10.  • Construction, building materials and technologies • Products made of quartz agglomerate

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