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Sozvesdie LLC

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Sozvezdie LLC is specialized in making of fish finished products (preserves, smoked and cured fish) and marinated salads under Fishe and SANGUSTO trademarks. 
Number of employees 120
Turnover from $10 mln. to $50 mln.
Competetive advantages 1. All products are made of quality raw material based on original recipes;
2. Great variety of products;
3. The company is ready to certify its products to export them. 
Foreign trade experience Kazakhstan
Interested in the folowing markets CIS, China
Aim of cooperation Export
Description of potential partner 1. Food distributors;
2. Food retailers.
Innovative Company no



Contact person

Golubeva Tatyana

Logistics Manager


65V Kordnaya St 644018 Omsk Russia

+7(900) 675-43-29

Soft salted salmon


Soft salted salmon has rich taste and delicated pink colour
Sliced herring fillet in oil


The preserves are made of premium fillet and have a delicious taste based on the original recipe and selected spices.
Sliced herring fillet in oil is widely used for salads, sandwiches and various appetizers.
Cured whole smelt


Cured smelt is well known for its distinguished taste. The fish is carefully selected and processed to ensure good curing, attractive amber colour, oily consistency and distinct flavour
Cold-smoked fish (herring, capelin, mackerel)


The line of cold-smoked fish includes cold-smoked herring, capelin and mackerel
Seaweed salad


Seaweed salads by the company are not only tasty but also healthy
Korean carrot salad


Spicy marinated carrot salad is an appetizer for all seasons