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S-Fruit Siberia LLC

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Established in 2016, the Russian company produces dried vegetables, fruits and berries and other food products based on them
Number of employees 13
Turnover up to $2 mln
Competetive advantages 1. Green products mostly based on regional raw materials.  
2. The company regularly launches new products, including unique ones.
3. Individual approach and capacity to produce specifically upon customer’s request.
Foreign trade experience Russian Federation
Interested in the folowing markets CIS, China, Europe
Aim of cooperation Export
Description of potential partner 1. Retailers and distributors promoting new products/trademarks on their regional markets;
2. Chain stores;
3. Food producers using dried ingredients;
4. Suppliers of end products to retailers;
5. Suppliers of loose products for further procession. 
Innovative Company no



Contact person

Pomogaev Evgeny



2A, Papel’ St Petrovka village settlement 644010 Omsk region Russia

+7 (3812) 95-63-83

Dried berries (berries of different sorts, both garden and wild)


Dried berries with and without stone
Compote mixes (3 kinds), sets for preparing ready dishes (4 kinds)


Sets for preparing compote
Dried fruits (apple slices, apple croutons, apple rings, apple flour, orange and mandarin zest)


Dried fruits in different cuts (slice, ring cube etc.)

Ecologically pure Russian raw material
Dried vegetables (carrot, red beet, onion, paprika, tomato)


Dried vegetables cut into cubes and sticks

Made of vegetables produced in Siberia
Ready sets for preparing mulled wine and glögi


Ready sets for preparing a hot beverage based on wine or juice 
Fruit crisps (apple, pear, orange, tangerine)


Slices of fruits dried using a special technology till a crispy state

Natural product without flavoring agents, colorants and preserving agents