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Manufacturing and Trading Company “PET Siberia” LLC

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Manufacturing and Trading Company “PET Siberia” LLC is a Russian manufacturer of PET pipes. The company is looking for buyers/distributors abroad.
Number of employees 17
Turnover up to $2 mln
Competetive advantages Certified products of high quality 
Flexible payment terms
Custom manufacturing
Foreign trade experience Kazakhstan
Interested in the folowing markets CIS
Aim of cooperation Export
Description of potential partner 1. Companies involved in construction and/or pipeline installation 
2. Trading companies dealing with pipes
Innovative Company no



Contact person

Biryukov Nickolay



49 Neftezavodskaya St Omsk 644065 Russia

+ 7 (3812) 91-75-87, 91-76-07,91-75-97

Pipes for potable water supply


HDP pipes are used for water facilities installing, plumbing, domestic and technical needs.
To manufacture HDP pipes they use a modern material – polyethylene which has certain advantages comparing with traditional metal and asbestos cement also used for pipe manufacturing. HDP pressure pipes are easy to install and eco-friendly. 
Sewer pipes


Sewer pipes are used for transportation of waste water or storm drainage or as an encasement for utility tunnel cabling.
The pipes meet all engineering, sanitary and construction standards. The pipes are light weight and have long lasting performance.
Pipes for underground gas pipeline


The pipes are designed for transportation of fuel gases used as primaries for industrial and domestic use at the maximum working pressure up to 1.2 mPa and working gas temperature up to 40 °С.
Pipes of high strength. A class of polyethylene is defined by longtime (more than a year) testing with internal pressure and makes it possible to define the maximum working pressure at which a pipe lifetime makes not less than 50 years at the temperature of 20 °С.