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A Russian company, focused on making and selling of traditional pelmeni, vareniki, ravioli and stuffed macaroni production machines, as well as pancake production machines.
Number of employees 63
Turnover from $2 mln. to $10 mln.
Competetive advantages
First company in Russia to develop and sell pelmeni making machines.
Foreign trade experience Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Germany, Latvia, Bulgaria, Israel, USA, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Georgia, Cyprus
Interested in the folowing markets All countries
Aim of cooperation
Description of potential partner
1. Companies, doing meat-fabricating and production of half-products, like traditional pelmeni, vareniki and pancakes.
2. Dining rooms and cafes.
3. Companies, involved in meat-trading, planning to open meat-fabricating facilities.
Innovative Company no



Contact person

Kupriy Alexandr



14, Kalinin Street, building 1, 644121, Omsk, Russia

+7 (3812) 986-884, +7 (3812) 900-450

Machine for production of dumplings with fillings


SD series (SD-100, SD-250, SD-320, SD-700, SD-800, SD-800М, SD-1000, SD2-600. High performance). Pancake production machine BLK-1200.

Machines are used by little factories and big meat packing houses. Machine package has modeling kit for making pelmeni and vareniki with different types and sizes.

Also you can buy extra modeling kits to widen the range of your products. We offer exclusive models of hippos, lions, chickens etc.

We are a customer-focused company, and we are ready to make our clients’ wishes come true. We have a large warehouse as long as we are a production manufactory.

Dumpling machine series SD2-600 is special, because it is able to make not only traditional pelmeni and vareniki with filling, but even with two fillings.

There is a separating wall inside, so the fillings will not mix. This is an unique machine in the world.