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«Control and measuring instruments manufactory» LLC

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Passion for the comfortable technologies and aesthetics in daily life — this started the researches and the development of the new measurement instruments by “Elehant” company in 2011. Convenience and indications accuracy was our main goal. Started from creating and patenting of the stream generator for measuring of the gas-flow, the best minds of company have created the unique counters with non-structured data sending technology very soon. “Elehant” started to sell instruments at the end of 2013, and in 2014 our counters was rated as the best development of the year in the instrumentation branch by the sci-tech counsil of Saint-Petersburgh Government. Today “Elehant” produces thousands of counters per day. We have made the high-quality service as well as the accessible prices and have built the successful sales channels in Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Belarus.
Number of employees 38
Turnover up to $2 mln
Competetive advantages
The top quality of the final product starts at the very first stages of the production. Every facility has the air condition control. The main bundles of the counters are gathered in the different rooms and are kept in the different warehouses. All workers wear antistatic wristbands during the worktime. Every lot of the casting metal is being researched for conformity. The plastic parts are made of the high-quality materials, using the modern gear. The finished items are tested with the different forces and are controlled by the multi-step checkings each stage of production.
Foreign trade experience Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Belorussia
Interested in the folowing markets CIS, China, Iran, Countries of the Pacific Rim
Aim of cooperation Export
Description of potential partner A company, which produces and sells the instruments for control and measuring, like the gas and water counters. The company is one of the leaders of the inner market. Trading companies, installation companies, property management companies.
Innovative Company no

Contact person

Galuza Vyacheslav



43, Tolstoi Street, 644005, Omsk, Russia

+7 (913) 600-70-75

Gas counter


The product exceeds any of  the other gas counters at reliability, utility, aesthetic and price.

Elehant gas counters is a development of the aviation-related radio-engineers. The counters are produced in Omsk, have the panents, the licenses and  the registration. Hundreds of thousands of the instruments are installed in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.
No battery change is needed.
Exclusive energy economy system: batteries work all the checking cycle — from 12 years and longer!
The best development of the year
The scientific-technologic counsil of the Saint-Petersburgh government has rated the ‘Elehant’ gas counter as the best development of the year 2014 in the instrumentation branch.
The counter is being installed using the bayonet-type ring – this makes the process way easier and quicker.

The counter can be installed vertically and horizontally, the indications are able to be turned every side, with the 90 degrees step for the convenience.

The display looks modern, not old, like on the other couters. The lighting allows to check the indications even in the complete dark.

Power-saving lighting
Display lighting turns on only with the button – it saves the energy and does not affect the vision.

Consumption statistics
The counter displays the consumption data during the year monthly.

The Elehant gas counter is the smallest product of the market. It’s size is only 6,6×6,6 (cm).
Water counter


The most convenient water counter! It sends the indications through the Bluetooth Low Enegry channel to the mobile app “Elehant” or to the remote display. Sending length – up to 10 meters.

It will display all the indications of your “Elehant” counters. It is able to be installed to any surface for comfort use. Colored covers, the lighting,  the modern design. The lighting turns on by pushing the button, it saves the battery charge and makes the counter’s life longer..

We have achieved the longest interval between the checkings of the counter in Russia – 6 years. You can forget about the counters for this long, using the data sending system. The instrument will last over 12 years.

The counter is covered from the affect of the magnet radiation, because it has no magnet socket, so the counter will not stop, if the magnet is nearby. Regards to the utility and aesthetics. Hundreds of thousands of “Elehant” water counters are already installed in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan.
Russian military aviation-related radio-engineers have inculcated the innovative developments in the water counter. Now it is possible to send the indications to your property management company with no additional tools – remotely. This is an exclusive patented technology. The mobile app “Elehant” recieves the data from the counter through Bluetooth, then it sends the information using internet to your account of the property management company on the “Elehant” servers.