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“Sladonezh” LLC

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LLC "Trade and Industrial Company "Sladonezh" sells main types of confectionery products: cookies, wafers, candies, gingerbread, marshmallow.
The company looks for distributors in Russian Federation's regions and foreign countries.
Number of employees 10
Turnover from $2 mln. to $10 mln.
Competetive advantages 1. Stability of quality and safety of products
2. Flexible financial conditions
3. Individual approach and partnership
Foreign trade experience Armenia, Belorussia, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Georgia, China, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan
Interested in the folowing markets China, Georgia, Moldova, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan
Description of potential partner Companies in wholesale of flour confectionery sector
Innovative Company no

Contact person

Zhuikova Irina Valeryevna



644105, Omsk, 22 Partsyezda, 53

8 (3812) 28 50 66



Marshmallow is made according to traditional recipe on the basis of apple pectin which gives it a delicate texture.



Gingerbreads with natural components: cocoa, puree, jam.



Classical wafers, crispy wafer rolls, crumbly wafers with caramel



Traditional cookies with milk tastes: cream, baked milk; cheese cookies; sugar shortbread with natural cereals; classical oatmeal cookies.



Classical fondant sweets, fragrant praline, original truffle and crispy wafer candies, unglazed bars and caramel.