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Machine Standart Company, LLC

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Company engaged in manufacturing high pressure, large diameter, high yield, and specialty flanges made of different types of steel  and according to standards as  GOST 12820-80, GOST 28919-91, DIN, ANSI, ASME.
Number of employees 15
Turnover up to $2 mln
Competetive advantages There is a possibility of rearrangement of manufacture line to produce small-scale products of wide range according to individual orders.
Foreign trade experience Kazakhstan
Interested in the folowing markets Former Soviet Union republics
Aim of cooperation Export (looking for distributor)
Description of potential partner
Companies and manufactures of energetics, oil and gas recovery.
Innovative Company no



Contact person

Ibatulin Renat

Head of Foreign Trade Department


644083, Omsk, Zaozernaya Street, 28

(3812) 520-639

(3812) 522-426



Flanges for pipeline valves for the energy industries, oil - gas production and processing. For the production of blank flanges used its own production, made by the end of the round metal sheeting. The mechanical properties of the blank flange is fully consistent with the flange forging. Flanges are made of differt types of steel.

Quality of products is guaranteed by using certified metal-roll.

Flanges  GOST 12821-80
Flanges  GOST 12820-80
Flanges GOST 28919-91 for well head equipment