List of Export Companies - Центр поддержки экспорта Омской области
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Profiles of the Omsk Region Export Companies

Learn more about the companies and get more information about the characteristics and cost of goods you can through specialists of Omsk Region Export Support Center . We provide translation of all necessary information in different languages.
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Company   Industries   products for export
11.  • Construction, building materials and technologies • Pipes for potable water supply
• Sewer pipes
• Pipes for underground gas pipeline
12.  • Clothing, footwear, textiles, wool, leather • Top knitwear for women, children, men
13.  • Food industry • Wheat baking flour of soft varieties of wheat
14.  • Food industry • Dried berries (berries of different sorts, both garden and wild)
• Compote mixes (3 kinds), sets for preparing ready dishes (4 kinds)
• Dried fruits (apple slices, apple croutons, apple rings, apple flour, orange and mandarin zest)
• Dried vegetables (carrot, red beet, onion, paprika, tomato)
• Ready sets for preparing mulled wine and glögi
• Fruit crisps (apple, pear, orange, tangerine)
15.  • Chemicals, polymers • Viscosity modifiers "Addiline"
16.  • Food industry • Soft salted salmon
• Sliced herring fillet in oil
• Cured whole smelt
• Cold-smoked fish (herring, capelin, mackerel)
• Seaweed salad
• Korean carrot salad
17.  • Project creating • Website development, support, promotion, and audit
18.  • Construction, building materials and technologies • Components for PVC and aluminum window profile
• Aluminum window profile
• PVC window profile
19.  • Woodworking industry • Softwood products (beam and board)
20.  • Medical technology and pharmaceuticals • Freeze-dried reindeer blood, edible
• Nutritional supplement “Heart of the North”

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