List of Export Companies - Центр поддержки экспорта Омской области
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There are many manufacturers of various products in the region. From ice cream sticks to innovative medical devices.

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Profiles of the Omsk Region Export Companies

Learn more about the companies and get more information about the characteristics and cost of goods you can through specialists of Omsk Region Export Support Center . We provide translation of all necessary information in different languages.
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Company   Industries   products for export
211.  • Woodworking industry • Skewers for barbeque / lollipops
• Sticks for ice-cream
212.  • Mineral and organic fertilizers • Ameliorative fertilizer “Agronov”
213.  • Interior items, household goods, design • Glass items
214.  • Auto industry, shipbuilding, transport, components • Battery boxes, workbenches, cabinets.
• Presses, car benches, platforms, cages
• Jacks
• Vulcanizers
• Wheel repair equipment

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