List of Export Companies - Центр поддержки экспорта Омской области
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Profiles of the Omsk Region Export Companies

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Company   Industries   products for export
51.  • Production of plastic • Food container
• Tray with food starch coating
• Plinth lighting poles
52.  • Woodworking industry • Round timber
• Flooring timber
• Timber
• Softwood timber
53.  • Industrial equipment, components • Water heating boiler “Lavart”
• Welded steel horizontal tanks
• Fire-tube steam boiler «LAVART»
• Automated modular boilers (AMB) «LAVART»
• Chimneys
• Boiler control cabinets and general boiler-house automation
54.  • Сonstruction engineering, engineering survey • Technological equipment for the repair of rolling stock, means of production control and diagnostics
55.  • Construction, building materials and technologies
• Сonstruction engineering, engineering survey
• Building blocks
• Pavement slabs
• Concrete products, complete sets of concrete prefabricated skeletons blocks of flats
56.  • Construction, building materials and technologies
• Interior items, household goods, design
• Kiln brick
• Chimneys
• For by brick-care products
• Means for care of glass
• Means for the cast iron care
• Basalt cardboard, felt refractory
• Clay, mixture
• Furnace Shop (iron cast)
• Stairs made of solid pine and birch
• Abrasive materials
• Thermal insulation materials
• Wood impregnation
• Impregnation for wood of own production on the basis of beeswax
• Fasteners
• Himalayan salt
• Sauna Doors
• Natural stone (Altai)
• Stones for baths and saunas (Ural)
• Bath (Sauna) accessories
• Moulded products made of wood
57.  • Agricultural product • Durum wheat "Bezenchuksky amber"
• Sunflower Class "8N270 KLDM"
58.  • Package and tare • Tubings
• Tarpaulin curtain
• Tents for cars
• Canopies made of PVC and shelters
• Welders' tent
• Trade tent
• Therma bags
• Tarpaulin canopies
• Blinds for car wash
59.  • Food industry • Beef
• Pork
• Chicken
60.  • Industrial equipment, components • RAY lamps for commercial, industrial and office lighting
• Lamps RAY-C for the sphere of housing and communal services
• Voice alarm system ARIA
• Burglar and fire alarms LIGHTHOUSE
• Light signs CRYSTAL and LUXE

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