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Innovation technological complex PERFONANT (for well-boring)
Project name Innovation technological complex PERFONANT (for well-boring)
Innovation Project yes
Name Company Research and Development Centre Sibmash, Co. Ltd.
Aim of Cooperation
Attracting investments of extra-budgetary resources into a final stage of the project PERFONANT 
Settlement Omsk
Sector Oil production
Total project cost, RUB $ 4 408 825
Internal funds, RUB $ 2 791 180
Planned investments, RUB $ 1 626 470
Innovation project PERFONANT of high readiness of research and development work (Research and Advanced Development) of the complex of boreholes perforation to increase their efficiency using a radically new device PERFONANT with a ground-control system of oil and gas industry facilities.

A facilities complex and a technology of its use according to the PERFONANT project allow to achieve mechanically a gap of certain width and depth of expansion along a column and a payout bed in the capital string and its annular space. It allows to stimulate a crude oil charge into a well, maximizing its efficiency.

The project will contribute to a serial production of well completion facilities in Omsk that is very important as it will increase efficiency of new and old oil wells. 
Product description
According to PERFONANT project two patents (№ 2254450 Method of perforation and facilities and № 2464411 Method of perforation and facilities) both mostly created by researchers and experts of Omsk are a basis for a production (a facilities complex) and its using. 

A complex of well completion facilities consists of:
Perforator PSHCH-1 is an original cylindrical milling tool 3 m long for an automatic gap cutting in a casing joint and an annular space of a pay-out bed. The facility differs a lot from well-known analogues due to new devices that provide the perforator with efficiency, reliability and energy cost reduction.

Ground-control system of oil and gas industry facilities consists of control blocks for monitoring and control of a perforator’s running-off on a logging line in a well in a given depth, of its modes of working during a gap cutting in a casing joint and an annular space converting it to a reverse mode and of a removing.
Significant intellectual and embodied innovations have been invested into the project.
Jobs planned Providing employment, tax revenue at regional and federal levels
Additional information Techno-economic justification, marketing research, business plan, patents, technical and economic evaluation 
Payback period 6 months
Annual profit $ 4 763 235
Implementation period 2 years
Contact details
Omsk Region Export Support Center, tel.: +7 (3812) 33-02-66, e-mail: export@ved55.ru.