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Production of AGRONOV Ameliorant
Project name Production of AGRONOV Ameliorant
Innovation Project yes
Name Company AgroBio Technovacii, R&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;D enterprise, Ltd
Aim of Cooperation
Production and selling of an Innovative Ameliorant
Settlement Omsk
Sector Agriculture, plant cultivation
Total project cost, RUB $ 47 650
Internal funds, RUB $ 6 650
Planned investments, RUB $ 41 000
This product has no analogues because it’s a next generation fertilizer of a combined effect. It consists of carbon and micro-elements that can be found in black carbon and fly ash. The concept is based on activation of microbiological process due to a carbon input into soil as carbon is the main fertilizer element of microorganisms that serves to a nitrogenous nutrition improvement.

Use of  such non-hazardous  wastes  as fly ash (waste of TGC-11), black carbon (Omsktechuglerod, Ltd.), waste kieselguhr (waste of brewing industry of SanInBev Co. Ltd.) allows to solve an industrial waste utilization problem in Western Siberia, Northern Trans Urals and States of the former Soviet Union (Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine). It means that the project realization solves the problem of utilization of such industrial wastes as fly ash and black carbon.

In its turn a new fertilizer production goes along with systematic scientific research and tests of new formulations that include local industrial wastes. For example it’s planned to use waste kieselguhr after related testings of new formulations and ways of its drying and shipment.

Being an efficient and ecologically safe innovation product based on fly ash and black carbon, AGRONOV Ameliorant has a physical and biological effect, improves soil’s nutritive regime and structure that means it increases crop capacity to 70%, replaces humus and organics use, it’s also ecologically safe, effective period is 3-5 years, shelf stable.

Uniqueness and high efficiency of the ameliorants.
There are no analogue ameliorators in Russia;
Low cost in comparison with competitions.
Jobs planned 14
Jobs created 3
Payback period 10 months
Project Status 1st stage – production and selling setup, acquisition of patent
Contact details Omsk Region Export Support Center, tel.: +7 (3812) 33-02-66, e-mail: export@ved55.ru.