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Innovation system of glue gases cleaning
Project name Innovation system of glue gases cleaning
Innovation Project yes
Name Company Centre of alternative technologies, Research and manufacturing association, Ltd
Aim of Cooperation
A new system of glue gases cleaning modification for enterprises will be the result of the project. A successful integration of the system will let develop it and get a substantial market share of gas cleaning facilities.

1st stage: industrial integration at enterprises
2nd stage: serial production of gas cleaning systems

Strategic development: in the long term modernization will let investigate technology’s usability for certain substances and water extraction.
Settlement Omsk
Sector Gas cleaning facility
Total project cost, RUB $ 11 648 530
Planned investments, RUB $ 11 648 530
A new innovative ultra-fine gas cleaning system based on a gradient separator (gas constituents elimination) and an airvoid aerofilter (solids elimination) is designed by Centre of alternative technologies, Research and manufacturing association, Ltd. The operation concept of the System is drastically different from other fine gas cleaning systems of today as it works at molecular level. As a result that allows to:
  1. Reduce maintenance costs due to design features and easy components and assemblies change. The system is based on innovative aerodynamic purification method with no use of filter materials, technological transmitters or EMF.
  2. Make facility available for any technological circles where gas cleaning is required.
  3. Simplify gas cleaning facility exploitation and reduce costs due to the energy efficiency as there’s no need to dilute gas to reduce temperature, create EMF for a particle settling or use water to separate dust.
  4. Use a entrapped product in an enterprise’s secondary frame of production.
  5. Perform recuperation from process gases followed by a generation of thermal and electric energy.
All facilities are designed and manufactured in metal; enterprise’s technological cycle parameters define a choice of steel. The System works with a smoke exhauster.
Energy of any smoke exhauster that will only transport industrial gases is enough for a dust separator’s work.

Ability to eliminate such components as SO2,NOx, CO2, СO, F, Cl, Hf, Ch from gas flow

A high efficiency clearing: 99%

No need to use filter materials or expendable materials
Economy of operating and energy costs
Gas cleaning is performed in a gasdynamic way to reduce costs
Small-sized facility reduces metal consumption.
Use of filter materials is complicated due to high temperatures of flue gases.
No facility erosion due to a special “pillow” that is formed in case of an overconsolidation of a viscous layer gas-metal.
No emission charges
Reasonable price of the System
Ability to bring a entrapped product into technology and get profit of derivative feedstock (of sulphur dioxide for example)
Extended temperature range
High reliability of the Complex
Product description
A new system elaboration is based on absolutely new gasdynamic effects. Under certain conditions a gradient separator allows to create a swirling flow and a gas separation of 99% efficiency.

No analogues

Industry Evaluation since 1993 (Kazakhstan, Pavlodar city). Existing facility’s operational parameters were examined in the first place.
The concepts of gas cleaning facilities were elaborated in the Mid-20th Century, now we can only get their modifications. Such facilities are not profitable for enterprises as they require considerable costs. The new system of Centre of alternative technologies, Research and manufacturing association, Ltd allows to reduce them in more than 10 times.
Jobs planned 151
Payback period 38 months
Project Status Search for investors
Contact details
Omsk Region Export Support Center, tel.: +7 (3812) 33-02-66, e-mail: export@ved55.ru.