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Construction of economy class cottage settlements Bolshekulach’e
Project name Construction of economy class cottage settlements Bolshekulach’e
Innovation Project no
Name Company Bolshekulachinskaya, LLC
Settlement Village “Bolshekulach’e” in Omsk region
Sector Buildining
Total project cost, RUB $ 20 747 615
Internal funds, RUB $ 644 670
Planned investments, RUB $ 20 102 940
Description  “Bolshekulachinskaya”, LLC is a project initiator of utilities construction and economy class cottage settlement of more than 300 houses development in Omsk region.  Village “Bolshekulach’e” in Omsk region was chosen as district for construction on a priority basis.

Product description - high grows of suburban life popularity (metropolis citizens concludes that there is too much vanity and lack of tranquility in big city; that is the reason of new cottage settlements regular appearance in different areas and of various classes; all of them are built for most comfortable and cozy life in harmony with nature);

- cottage settlement building responds to growing demand on real estate;

- pent-up demand in “economy” segment, supported with mortgaging;

- returns on investment by virtue of complex and considered services (cottage standard projects are available, centralized supply of building materials, building technologies appliance according to price-terms-quality princile, forethought infrastructure);

- short terms of project implementation – 3 years;
Payback period 3 years
Annual profit $ 3 093 147
Implementation period 3 years
Contact details Omsk Region Export Support Center, tel.: +7 (3812) 33-02-66, e-mail: export@ved55.ru.