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Construction of a ceramic bricks plant capacity of 10 mln. pieces a year in the Omsk region.
Project name Construction of a ceramic bricks plant capacity of 10 mln. pieces a year in the Omsk region.
Innovation Project no
Name Company Institute of New Technologies and Building Materials Industry Automation (INTA-STROY, LLC)
Aim of Cooperation

Supply and installation of equipment; automation and launching of the bricks production processes 

Settlement Omsk
Sector Manufacturing equipment for building material industry
Total project cost, RUB $ 7 796 171
Internal funds, RUB $ 1 295 400
Planned investments, RUB $ 6 500 771

INTA-STROY, LLC invites investors to build a unique brick factory in the city of Omsk (Western Siberia, Russia), which surpasses all existing analogues in Russia and abroad. Construction of a brick plant is expected to be in Druzhino township in the Omsk region. A place for construction of the plant is conveniently located near the transport interchanges.

The half dry pressing plant is an advanced innovation of the institute and surpasses all existing analogues in the world because its characteristics. There are a number of innovative solutions, which are protected by 24 patents of Russia. The plant has a high degree of automation and eliminates the "human factor". An important feature of the plant is a modular construction. The minimum capacity of one line - 10 million. bricks per year. Adding new lines allows to increase the production capacity up to the required values.

Our factory has a number of advantages, including unique:
- Plant doesn’t demand high quality raw materials. Iow-grade loam is suitable for the production;
- Facing brick has a high quality (M 250 ... 350, F-50). Mark M over 150  made of low-grade clay brick is unique on the market;
- Additionally, color (volume-colored) bricks can be produced;
- Possible use of CHP ash;
- Space requirements is unique - 2500 sq.m. (at 10 million. pcs. / year);
- Reduced the amount of common building and erection works;
-Fuel consumption of 100 g / brick and is minimal among existing equipment (unique);
- High level of automation has reduced the number of employees in a shift up to 5 people (unique);
- Flexible change of the number of working lines, depending on the needs the (unique).

All these factors provide by a technological and design innovations: a unique vertical kiln; highly original design of the press; fully updated technology of clay preparation; full automation of technological processes.

INTA-STROY, LLC supplies equipment for plant "turnkey" and performs complex work: a study of raw materials, development of process scheme, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of equipment, development of the technology and personnel trainings.

Product description

- Produced brick is solid centers and facing;
- Strength is not less than M-300;
- Frost-resistance is not less than 50 cycles;
- Water absorption of not more than 12% (GOST);
- Bricks can have different forms with the help of special, which increases the variety of architectural solutions;
- Low cost.

The main sales markets:
Omsk, Tyumen, Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Altay region and adjacent areas of the Republic of Kazakhstan: Petropavlovsk, Kokchetav, Astana and Pavlodar.

Jobs planned 34
Jobs created -
Additional information

The land, from which the raw material (clay) is to be extracted, is owned by INTA-STORY, LLC

Payback period 4 years 4 months after construction (52 months)
Annual profit $ 2 022 685
Implementation period 5 years 4 months (64 months)
Project Status Patent and Project Business Plan (for the detailed information please see the attachments)
Contact details

Omsk Region Export Support Center, tel.: +7 (3812) 33-02-66, e-mail: export@ved55.ru.