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Building of a garden apartment complex
Project name Building of a garden apartment complex
Innovation Project no
Settlement Omsk
Sector Buildining
Total project cost, RUB $ 54 879 415
Internal funds, RUB $ 4 705 885
Planned investments, RUB $ 8 236 215
-All utility connections of the complex are centralized to eliminate padding and maintenance problems.

-There will be created own community facilities to maintain all the systems, apartments and infrastructure’s objects

- Apartments and thoroughfares are located in such a way as to make navigation and drop-off as easy as ever

-The territory is fenced-in and safeguarded 24/7 by a professional security service. Its specialists can also create a multistage security system with actual monitoring and alerting facilities. Also there will be an access mode on the territory of the complex.
Product description
  1. Use of technology of filling polystyrene concrete allows to apply a pipelined design and reduce production costs
  2. Sections of the townhouses are commissioned with a fine finish , clients buy ready-to-live apartments
  3. There is no concurrence with cottages but with garden apartments that sets the project apart from other comprehensive developments
  4. A concept of the project allows to work with any social certificates such as maternity fund, military certificates and others
Jobs planned 500
Additional information
All materials are available (realized by enterprises of Omsk and its districts)
Payback period 1 year
Annual profit $ 9 652 260
Implementation period 2 years
Project Status Early stage
Contact details
Omsk Region Export Support Center, tel.: +7 (3812) 33-02-66, e-mail: export@ved55.ru.