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17 August 2017

EU, Russia and Turkey among Ukraine’s biggest trade export partners

The European Union, Russia, Turkey, India and Egypt are still Ukraine’s biggest trade partners in terms of export of goods, the country’s Ministry of Economic Development and Trade reported Wednesday.


"Ukraine’s top five trade partners in terms of export of goods are: the European Union countries (39.8%), the Russian Federation (9.4%), Turkey (6.1%), India (5.5%), Egypt (5.3%)," the Ministry said. Meanwhile, the country increased its exports to EU states by 26.1% ($1.7 bln) to $8.2 bln as of now, the report said.

All in all, "in the first half of 2017, Ukraine’s export of goods rose 24.2% as compared to the same period in 2016 to $20.7 bln," according to the report. Traditionally, the export structure contained agriculture products and food (42% of the total exports), metal products (23%), machine building products (11.4%) and mineral products (9.6%).

Previously, the State Statistics Service of Ukraine said that the country boosted export of goods to Russia by 26.4% in the first half of this year to $1.93 bln, and import - by 41.5% to $2.99 bln. Ukraine’s visible trade of balance with Russia was negative in the reporting period and amounted to $1.054 bln. Meanwhile, the trade balance in services was positive in the first half of the year: export of services to Russia increased 11.7% in the period to $1.645 bln, while import grew 17.6% to $208 mln.

Read more: TASS


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