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12 December 2017

Gazprom surpasses last-year record of gas export to Europe

Gazprom has already cracked the 2016-year record of gas export to Europe by supplying 179.8 bln cubic meters, Chief Executive Officer of the Russian gas holding Alexei Miller told reporters on Friday.


"We embarked on the homestretch to a new absolute record of annual gas exports to non-CIS countries throughout the history of Gazprom and the national gas sector. Considering the request for December 8, gas supplies by the company to this market are over 179.8 bln cubic meters year-to-date. This is more than during the whole last year. The previous record of 179.3 bln cubic meters set as of 2016 year-end is already surpassed," Miller said.

European consumers opt for unconditional reliability of supplies and their feasibility, the chief executive said. "Gazprom is currently implementing construction projects of new, modern and highly efficient gas pipelines to continue reliably meeting high demand for Russian gas in Europe," Miller added.

Read more: TASS

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