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9 June

Trade exchange between Egypt, Russia hits dlrs 1.664 billion in 2018 Q1

Russian trade representative in Cairo Nikolai Aslanov said that trade exchange between Egypt and Russia increased 75 percent during the first quarter of 2018 (from January to March 2018), recording 1.664 billion dollars, compared to 1.472 billion dollars during the same period last year.

In statements to MENA on Thursday, Aslanov said that Egypt's exports to Russia, including fruits, vegetables and clothes, are estimated at 192 million dollars.

Russia's exports to Egypt included wheat, metals, gas and petroleum, Aslanov noted.

He added wheat represents 34 percent of the Russian exports to Egypt, at a value of 501 million dollars, while metals represent 20 percent, at a value of 299 million dollars.

The Russian official noted that 15 Russian delegations visited Egypt from January to April in 2018 to discuss the establishment of Dabaa nuclear plant and a Russian industrial zone in Egypt, as well as the implementation of gas and petroleum projects.

Source: Egypt State Information Service

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