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9 October 2018

Turkey: East Black Sea region fresh fruit and vegetable exports to Russia

According to the figures announced by the Turkish East Black Sea Exporters Association, 108,000 tons of fresh fruits and vegetables were exported to Russia from the East Black Sea region in the first 8 months of this year. The export value was nearly 82 million USD. Peaches were at the top of the export products from this region, with an export volume of 13,915 tons and export value of 13 million USD.

Looking at Turkey’s fresh fruit and vegetable exports, Russia was also the top export destination with an export volume of 523,807 tons and with an export value of 384 million USD. Peach was also at the top of the list here with an export value of 69,000 tons and export volume of 64,5 million USD.

East Black Sea Exporters Association Vice President Hamdi Gurdogan: “The export figures of our country for this year show significant improvements in fresh fruit and vegetables. Russia stands out as the top export destination for our fresh products as our growers were able to offer them the best quality products at the most reasonable prices. We also have important logistical advantages in exporting to Russia as our products can reach to Russia within one day. So in general, fresh fruit and vegetable exports to Russia have increased by 48% and can increase even further. Our association members’ export value decreased by 10% this year and we are hoping to reverse this in the upcoming year.”

Source: FreshPlaza

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