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11 December 2018

Syria to export medicine to Russia, Arab states starting 2020

Syria’s largest pharmaceutical company intends to export its goods to Russia, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Sudan, Mauritania and Yemen.

Syria’s largest pharmaceutical company with state participation, Dimas Pharmaceutical Industries, is planning to start exporting medicine to Russia and Arab countries by 2020, the company’s head informed reporters on Monday.

"We are the main supplier of medicine for the army and the state hospitals. The third direction we want to develop is export of pharmaceuticals, including antibiotics and painkillers, starting 2020. We are looking at Russia, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Sudan, Mauritania and Yemen as most promising directions," the head of the company said.

According to the company’s management, it will open three new workshops in 2019, which would allow it to triple the assortment of pharmaceuticals and increase the output 10 times.

Source: TASS


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