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1 April

Russia is the biggest customer for Turkey's fresh produce exports

In the first two months of 2019, Turkey exported 697 thousand 577 tons of fresh fruits and vegetables to 100 countries and earned 365 million 662 thousand USD (around 326 million Euro). Russia ranked first among these countries, and Turkey earned 104 million 533 thousand USD (around 93 million Euro) from the exports to Russia.

According to Eastern Black Sea Exporters' Association's data, Russia is followed by Iraq and Romania. The exports to Iraq totaled 34 million 84 thousand 400 USD (around 30 million Euro) and the exports to Romania totaled 33 million 105 thousand 975 USD (around 29,5 million Euro).

In the same period, the Eastern Black Sea area exported 52 thousand 247 tons of fresh fruits and vegetables to 31 countries and received 29 million 143 thousand USD (around 26 million Euro) in return.

Russia ranked first in the exports from the Eastern Black Sea area as well. Russia imported 22 million 600 thousand 98 USD (around 20,1 million Euro) worth of fresh produce from the region. Georgia followed Russia with 2 million 18 thousand 344 USD (around 1,9 million Euro), and Iraq ranked third with 988 thousand 45 USD (around 880 thousand Euro) worth of imports from the region.

Ahmet Hamdi Gurdogan, vice president of the Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Exporters' Association said that Russia is Turkey's primary market in fresh fruits and vegetables. Gurdogan added: "We believe that Russia will continue to be our primary market in 2019".

However, Gurdogan reminded of the difficulties in exports with Russia and said that the exports to Russia were lower than expectations. He emphasized that the exports to Russia should increase and said: "These problems in exports should be solved as quickly as possible."

Tomato exports increased by 20%

Gurdogan pointed out to the increased variety in products and markets in fresh fruits and vegetables export. "In the first two months of the year, Turkey exported fresh produce to 100 countries including the primary markets: Russia, Iraq and Romania. Tomato was the leader in the country's fresh produce exports. Tomato exports totaled 74 million 188 thousand 822 USD (around 66 million Euro). Tomato exports increased by 20% compared to the same period last year. Mandarin and lemon followed tomato in this period both in the country's fresh produce exports and in the Eastern Black Sea region's." said Gurdogan.

Source: Fresh Plaza

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