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19 February

While Sri Lanka’s share in the grape export pie is relatively small, Russia is a major export destination for Indian table grapes.

17 January

Inspired by higher coal prices, Russian companies increased both production and export last year in order to gain additional market shares in Europe and Asia. Oil and gas production also showed considerable growth last year, but in 2019 crude production can be lower than originally planned due to the adoption of new cuts.

9 January

Volume of non-resource shipments from Russia is going to set a new record by the end of the current year, hitting $147 billion, Andrey Slepnev, Chief Executive of the Russian Export Center said on Friday.

25 December 2018

A rise in Russian wheat export prices stalled at the end of last week after Russia's agriculture ministry increased its forecast for 2018/19 grain exports, an analyst said on Monday.

19 December 2018

Russian business lobbying groups, together with about 40 business and industry heads, have shown interest in exporting their products to markets in Africa but found it difficult to access facilitation procedures in some of the countries.

11 December 2018

Syria’s largest pharmaceutical company intends to export its goods to Russia, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Sudan, Mauritania and Yemen.

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