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The best Export Companies of the Omsk Region 2014

The results of the regional competition "The best Exporter of the Omsk Region 2014". 
The competition commission session took place on the 8th of December 2015 at the Omsk regional Fund of support and development of small and medium sized companies and business representatives, the commission defined the winners and laureates of the regional competition “The best exporter of the Omsk region of 2014”.
This year’s competition is the 4th  in a row of the annual contest and it's been held for stimulating and promoting of the export activity of the small and medium sized companies of the Omsk region.  
The specific estimation technique had been developed by the organizers of the competition; this technique consisted of the combination of several criteria including the following: total volume of the export deliveries, destinations of the export operations, amount of the export shipments, participation in the international exhibitions and fairs, certificates of quality of products according to the international standards.
The winners and laureates in 4 nominations were defined:

The winner is «Rus-Agro», LLC

The company is engaged in the production of cereals, the cultivation and processing of grain and leguminous crops, as well as their sale. The "Rus-Agro", LLC is the only company in the Siberia that is engaged in growing and processing of spelled - an exclusive, high-protein, low-calorie product that contains all the essential amino acids.

The company's products are particularly popular in Europe, the main export country is Poland.
The second place goes to «Sibsnek», LLC

The company produces a variety of snack products: chips, peanuts, dried seafood, crackers, croutons and seeds under the trademarks "Sibbalt", "Pivahis", "Hlebariki", "Semotchka", "Drive", "Baltic".

Protecting and keeping ​​its reputation "Sibsnek" on the highest level the company monitors compliance with the original recipes and technologies of manufacture and storage of products throughout the production cycle.

Due to the recognized quality of the products "Sibsnek" deliberate strategy of promotion and development of the company stable positions in the snack market, both in Russia and in neighboring countries had been achieved.

The main export country - Kazakhstan.
The 3rd place is awarded to the Trading Company “The Silk Road”, LLC

The company manufactures products for a healthy diet under the trademarks "Dietonika", "Vkusnozdrav", "Slastelina": pastry with natural ingredients that contribute to the maintenance and promotion of health, as well as confectionery sugar fructose and sorbitol.
Under the brand name "Dietonika" the company manufactures products in the traditional refined sugar, intended for a wide range of consumers with no dietary restrictions: muffins, butter cookies and shortbread cookies based on cereals. All products contain only natural ingredients with no substitution to cheaper but less "useful" commodities.

The main exports country - Kazakhstan.

The winner is the Trading Company «Promsmazki», LLC
The Trading Company "Promsmazki" specializes in the supply of fluids.

The uniqueness of the offer in the market lies in the fact that the products sold by the company are made on the technology and raw materials from the TC "Promsmazki" for the manufacture of certain products on a competitive basis to select the most efficient producers of oils and lubricants. This approach allows to offer the best price on the market of Russia and CIS countries.

Main export countries - Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan.
The 2nd place goes to the «Vneshtorgresurs», LLC
Russian Company the «Vneshtorgresurs», LLC is an official dealer and export supplier for the plants and factories engaged in manufacturing of the chemical and petrochemical products. The Company has rich experience of more than 20 years of supplies of the chemical and petrochemical products, industrial oils, lubricants, corrosion inhibitors, and many other items.

The main export countries – Kazakhstan, Belarus.
The 3rd place is awarded to the Trading Company «CenterOil», LLC.

A young Russian Company that is engaged in supplies of the high-quality industrial (technical) lubricants of the Russian manufacturers.  For a couple of years of being active on the market the Company has managed to surround itself  with the wide network of the customers in Kazakhstan and has started to discover other countries of the CIS region.

The main export country – Kazakhstan.

 The winner is IE Marichev S.

Individual entrepreneur Sergey Marichev for the fourth time in the history of the competition became a winner of the competition "The best Exporter of the Omsk region." A small family-owned company, which produces tube preamp, tube emulator preamp, guitar effects branded AMT Electronics, in ten years it has become well known not only in Russia but also abroad.
The company supplies its products to 14 countries: the United Kingdom, Singapore, Korea, Turkey, Japan, Germany, USA, Taiwan, Malaysia, Chile, Vietnam, Malta, Australia and Hong Kong.
The winner of the 2nd place is the "Research-technical Company «Micronics»
The company has 20 years of experience in the development and manufacture of electronic products, including microprocessor devices, communications devices and microelectronic products using thin-film hybrid technology. The leading activity of the company is the automation of technological processes.

Scientific and technical firm "Micronics' has several patents for utility models, as well as the trademark certificate.
Products and services are exported to Kazakhstan.
The winner is «The Sewing company «Krokha»
The manufacturer of clothing and bedding for children. The company operates since 2005 and has extensive experience in the market of products for children, which made it possible to create a team of professionals who invest in the work of all his skill and talent. The company is not random people at every stage of product development work there are only experts in their right spots: if it’s a designer then it is a person with unique imagination, if it is a tailor – then it is a person with the best skills. Managers deserve a particular description: they do not just sell goods, and meet the needs of every customer, even the most demanding.
The main export country - Kazakhstan.
We would like to thank all the companies that took part in the competition and to wish a good luck in discovering the new markets! Your success and achievements are important not only for you but for the entire region because everybody realizes that development of the Region in the modern conditions is impossible without being involved into international trade affairs.

The Center for export Support team sincerely hopes that the amount of the exporters in our region will be increasing in the future, and our specialists are always ready to assist you on every stage of the export activity.    


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