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Best Export Companies of Omsk Region 2012

Omsk Regional Fund for Small Business Support and Development - Export Support Center is honored to announce the best export companies and individuals at the second annual contest “Best Export Company of Omsk Region”.

The contest “Best Export Company of Omsk Region” recognizes the best companies in the region, highlighting the export industry’s significant contribution to Omsk region economy. All of the winning companies demonstrate the drive, innovation and competitiveness that is necessary to succeed in foreign markets around the world.
All registered Omsk region companies that have exported a product or service for two or more years are eligible award nominees.
The Winners of the contest BEST EXPORT COMPANY of OMSK REGION in 2012 year


First Prize Winner

Magic Xtal Ltd. 

Magic Xtal Ltd. was founded in 2001 as a research and production enterprise entirely dedicated to development and manufacturing of advanced Oven Control Crystal Oscillators (OCXO) intended for domestic and the world market. Nowadays the company possesses considerable portfolio of unique OCXO products which have become indispensable solutions for many customers in Russia and all over the world. 

Silver Prize Winner 

Omsk Plant of Dynamic Advertising Constructions Ltd.

Omsk Plant of produces dynamic advertising structures. Exports to Belarus and Kazakhstan. Production is based on the modern industrial basis to react quickly to market demands and create advertising structures of any size.

Bronze Prize Winner 

Mega-Plast-Irtish (IE Viktor Siromyatnikov) 

The company produces carbon dioxide (СО2) and applied equipment.
Carbon dioxide (СО2) is applied at a wide range of fields – industry, in producing gas water and dry ice, in fire-fighting, in welding etc. the company is proud for cooperation with PepsiCo.


First Prize Winner

AMT Electronics (IE Sergey Marichev)

The company produces musical equipment including tube preamp, emulator of lamp preamplifier, guitar effects at professional level and other equipment. Small family business for ten years has become widely known not only in Russia but also abroad. The company exports its products to 14 countries.

Silver Prize Winner 

Omsk Mineral Water Factory, JSC

The company has 40 years of experience in bottling mineral drinking water and soft drinks. Omsk plant products are in demand not only in the Omsk region, but also in other cities of Russia and Kazakhstan.


First Prize Winner


High Voltage Electrical Apparatus (VELTA) - manufacturing company engaged in the development of innovative solutions for electrical equipment. VELTA Ltd. has extensive experience in the design, development, manufacture and installation of medium and low voltage electric switchgear.

Silver Prize Winner 

Metromed Ltd.

The company specializes in development and manufacture of medical equipment and introduction of innovative medical technologies in health care system. The company carries out scientific researches related to the study of specific influence on an organism concentrated sources of energy - ultrasound, laser, thermal, magnetic and electric fields, and so on.​


The award ceremony was held on 3 December 2013.

The winners was awarded with honorable diploma signed by the Deputy Prime Minister of the Omsk region, Minister of Economy of the Omsk region - Sergey V. Vysotskiy, statue “Best Export Company of Omsk Region in 2012” and prize money.
Participation in such competitions for export companies is a good opportunity to highlight the level of their products.
Get more information about Omsk exporters you can in Omsk Region Export Catalougue 

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